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Our Services

Children’s Center is a private, non-profit child abuse intervention center accredited by the National Children’s Alliance. Children are referred to the Center from law enforcement agencies, child protective workers, parents, teachers, health care providers, and others concerned for their welfare.


Trained Medical Providers perform a comprehensive head-to-toe exam to determine and document a child’s health and safety. With the training required to identify and treat signs of abuse, Medical Providers use their findings to make recommendations to law enforcement, child protective workers and family members.

Forensic Interviews

Digitally recorded interviews, observed by investigators, are provided so children can share their stories in a safe and neutral setting, guided by specialists who are trained to talk to children and adolescents – minimizing the trauma of multiple interviews.

Medical Record Reviews

Children’s Center Medical Providers will review a child’s medical records and make recommendations for treatment or follow-up in cases of medical neglect, child abuse, and Karly’s Law cases.

We see children for concerns of sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, and neglect. This includes children who witness violence, as well as those exposed to illicit substances.


Family Support Services

Case Management

Support, consultation, referrals, and education to all families in Clackamas County facing issues of abuse or neglect. While protective and loving families expedite a child’s recovery from the trauma of abuse, caregivers may not know how to best support their children and how to prevent future abuse. Children’s Center staff is available to answer questions related to child well-being and safety for all families in Clackamas County, whether or not their child is seen at Children’s Center.

Response to Inappropriately Sexualized Kids (RISK) Outreach

RISK was established by the Clackamas County Multi-Disciplinary Team to provide support, education, resources and intervention to children eleven years and younger who demonstrate sexually inappropriate behavior. Children’s Center contacts families in these cases with a goal of addressing these behaviors before they escalate to necessitate juvenile justice involvement.


Prevention & Education

Community Outreach

Children’s Center supports school districts, law enforcement agencies, child protection workers, health care providers, caregivers and families, and other professionals who work with youth to prevent and respond skillfully to concerns of abuse.

Professional Education

Our teams of physicians, nurse practitioners, forensic interviewers, mental health providers, educators, and trained volunteers are available to provide presentations, training, and consultations to any group in Clackamas County.

Darkness to Light's Stewards of Children®

In partnership with The Ford Family Foundation's Protect Our Children statewide initiative, Children's Center is leading the charge to prevent child sexual abuse in Clackamas County by offering Darkness to Light’s research-informed Stewards of Children® child sexual abuse prevention training. For more information or to request a presentation, training or consultation, contact us at 503.655.7725 or prevention@childrenscenter.cc.

Consultation Calls

General requests for information and referrals regarding child abuse from community members, parents, and other professionals are provided by members of the clinical team. These are often requests for information when no specific child is identified. If you would like information, please call 503.655.7725.
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