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Family Support Services

From the moment children and families arrive at Children’s Center, they’re connected with caring professionals and the services needed to move forward in their journey toward thriving. Our private waiting rooms are designed to be comfortable and welcoming – spaces where families can be together, and where children can relax while they read, watch movies, play or draw while awaiting their appointment.

Resources for Caregivers

While protective and loving families expedite a child’s recovery from the trauma of abuse, caregivers may not know how to best support their children and how to prevent future abuse. Children’s Center staff is available to answer questions related to child well-being and safety for all families in Clackamas County, whether or not their child is seen at Children’s Center.

Response to Inappropriately Sexualized Kids (RISK)

RISK was established by the Clackamas County Multi-Disciplinary Team to provide support, education, resources and intervention to children eleven years and younger who demonstrate sexually inappropriate behavior. Children’s Center contacts families in these cases with a goal of addressing these behaviors before they escalate to necessitate juvenile justice involvement.

To speak with one of our trained Family Support Specialists, please call 503.655.7725.

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