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Support & Resources

Children's Centers offers a number of free downloadable resources suitable for supportive and caring adults in identifying and responding effectively to abusive behavior. We also provide useful links to external organizations that specialize in raising awareness and preventing child abuse.


Selected Readings on Child Abuse

This inclusive list of readings for educators, parents, and caregivers can assist you in helping attain help for your loved one. Included in this list are helpful books on how to communicate with your kids about the topics of sex and abuse at developmentally appropriate levels. Selected Readings on Child Abuse.


Safety and Prevention

The following safety points are suggestions only and will need to be adapted to fit your child/teen and individual family situation. Your local library, school counselor, mental health counselor, teacher, or doctor are other sources of information as you plan how to have safety talks with your child. Child Safety and Prevention Tips.


Seeking Counseling & Therapy Services

A great first step in attaining counseling for your family is to call Children’s Center Family Support Services at (503) 655-7725 for assistance. Learn more about some general guidelines to follow to set up counseling dependent upon the type of insurance you have, or if you are currently without insurance. Counseling and Therapy Services.


Responding to concerns of abuse

Discovering that a child you care about has been physically abused can be devastating. You may feel overwhelmed, wondering where to begin on getting help and support for your loved one. The following is a list of steps to take that can give you and your child a sense of empowerment and safety. Responding to Concerns of Abuse.


Additional Resources

Whether you are seeking support for your own child or someone you know, this comprehensive list of local and national resources provides contact information to connect you with the appropriate agency. Local and National Child Abuse Reporting Resources.
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