Children’s Center relies on the partnership of our community and media to ensure every child who needs our help will have access to our services. These efforts are often documented by media outlets. Here you can read these stories and learn more about Children’s Center’s work to provide the services and support necessary for children to begin their healing journey.

For more media information, including press releases, please contact Development Director, Kristin Szafraniec.

Media Coverage

  • Pinwheels for Child Abuse Prevention Month 2022

    This brief video by Clackamas County highlights the significance of Child Abuse Prevention Month and the meaning behind the blue pinwheels community partners plant throughout the month of April. In this video, Children’s Center Executive Director Karen Rush, Makayla Johnson from Todos Juntos, and Clackamas County Commissioners Sonya Fischer, Paul Savas, Martha Schrader, and Mark Shull speak about the importance of Child Abuse Prevention Month and why community partners like Children’s Center, Clackamas Parenting Together, and Todos Juntos work together to educate the community throughout April, and all year long.

    Clackamas County / #ClackCo TV

  • Pinwheels for Child Abuse Prevention

    This 3-minute video by Clackamas County is a chance for you to learn about the annual April tradition of planting pinwheels for National Child Abuse Awareness month. Learn how pinwheels relate to child abuse prevention, and the meaning behind the special ceremony that Clackamas County staff and community partners like Children’s Center organize each year. The video includes remarks from Children’s Center Executive Director Karen Rush. Children’s Center is honored to partner with Clackamas County, Clackamas Parenting Together, Todos Juntos, and others in this!
    Clackamas County / #ClackCo TV

Media Archives

Press Kit

Our press kit provides printable handouts for those interested in the latest news and information about Children’s Center, including recent child abuse and neglect statistics, a service overview, and a brochure. If you would like to learn more about our critical efforts to end child abuse and neglect in Clackamas County, please contact Development Director, Pamela White.

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