New Year & New Faces at Children’s Center

The last several months have brought Children’s Center a few new talented and passionate staff members. We are thrilled to have their wonderful skills on board to support the important work we do. Meet our newest team members!


Ella Martin, Clinical Support Coordinator
(Ella with her husband Trevor and their trusty hounds)
Ella grew up splitting her time between Spokane, WA and Billings, MT and thinks of both as her “hometown”. She moved to Portland to get her BA at University of Portland, and now she, her husband, and their two dogs make their home in Tigard.

An avid outdoors enthusiast, Ella loves that she can explore the rugged coast, mossy forests, and majestic Mt. Hood, without ever having to leave the state.

“What I love most about Children’s Center is the way that everyone comes together to provide advocacy, support, and healing for our clients,” Ella says, “I also love interacting with the kids and seeing how resilient and brave they are.”


Jenn Worotikan, Intake Specialist 
(Jenn, pictured far left, celebrates at her brother’s wedding with her siblings and new sister-in-law)
Jenn is a home-grown Oregonian who was born and raised in Corvallis. She moved to Portland to pursue her MSW at Portland State, and now lives in SW Portland with her roommate and 20+ house plants.

A true Oregonian, Jenn loves having the coast and the mountains just a few hours away and whether she is hiking or running along the river, the beauty of this area still takes her breath away.

In discussing what Jenn loves best about being at Children’s Center, she says, “My co-workers are seriously the best. I have never been a part of such a supportive, loving, and fun team!”


Heather Leap, Intern
Heather joined the Family Support team as an intern as part of her MSW training. Though she was born in Maine, she has lived most of her adult life in Oregon.

She loves her NE Portland neighborhood where she and her family enjoy their friendly, active neighbors and LOVE their Hollywood branch of the Multnomah County Library system which, she can’t wait to frequent again, once it is open!

Heather describes her experience at Children’s Center as supportive and welcoming. “I personally see this in how I have been welcomed,” she says, “but it also feels true for families, as well as community partners”.

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